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storage container


At The Blast Engineers™, we specialize in designing and manufacturing blast-resistant storage of TNT that offer top-tier protection in hazardous environments prone to explosions.


Our primary aim is to ensure the safety of team members and critical equipment in extreme situations. You'll find our products utilized across various sectors including the European petrochemical industry, mines, and explosive manufacturers.


The main advantage of our mobile storage container is the speed of installation compared to the conventional construction of reinforced concrete warehouse buildings for explosives.
The container is designed to remain compact in the event of an explosion equivalent to 50 kg of TNT. In that case the explosion will not be transmitted to the neighboring warehouse, nor will it endanger people at a distance of more than 3 m. With this parameter, we offer a unique product that offers storage options with minimum clearance distance.

Up to 50 kg
of TNT equivalent storage

Weight only 6000 kg
Mobile quick installation

Clereance distance of 3 m
The smallest on the market

and the entire documentaction



Buy or rent

Our products are here to help on every front. For a price offer and the possibility
of sale or leasing, please contact the sales department 

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