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Blast resistant module 12PSI


At The Blast Engineers™, we specialize in designing and manufacturing blast-resistant modules that offer top-tier protection in hazardous environments prone to explosions.


Our primary aim is to ensure the safety of team members and critical equipment in extreme situations. You'll find our products utilized across various sectors including the

European petrochemical industry, mines, and explosive manufacturers.


Whether you operate within industrial blast zones or face the threat of natural disasters jeopardizing your operations, The Blast Engineers™ has got you covered! Our blast-resistant modular buildings are meticulously engineered to shield against a range of threats such as explosions, fires, toxic substances, and physical impacts.


In addition to our standard offerings, The Blast Engineers™ also crafts a variety of custom-built modular buildings tailored to meet the unique needs of companies throughout Europe. We collaborate closely with site operations to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your requirements.


Furthermore, all modules from The Blast Engineers™ provide a cost-effective alternative for facilities requiring a 12 psi rated building.

“Our quality design is a unique modular construction and has been assessed in accordance with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publication Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities, 2nd Edition. The structural design has been proven to meet a Medium Response category when subjected to the free-field pressure loading.”



We are open to make every project custom made to your needs. When you like the modularity, quick instalation, ready to made design see our product line of modules which are compatible together and we can build large buildings.








Modular building

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Our products are here to help on every front. With fully customizable blast-resistant buildings to suit your unique work, environment and needs.

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