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With three product lines, The Blast Engineers™ protect your employees and property against fire, explosions, blasts, and related dangers.


Blast resistant buildings ensure the safety of team members and critical equipment in extreme environments. A standard series of modular buildings adapts to the needs of most clients. The Blast Engineers™ also craft a variety of custom-built modular buildings.


Storage of explosive materials, such as TNT or fireworks, can be safely stored in blast-resistant storage containers . With these high-impact safe storage solutions, the safety of your employees and property in the immediate vicinity of the stored explosives is guaranteed.


Using a modular Blast Shield, we construct safe corridors for the petrochemical industry. A Blast Shield guides an explosion blast in a safe direction. The standard product design is tailor-made to adapt to your site conditions.

12 PSI, 200 ms



Blast resistant building
storage of explosive materials

50kg equivalent of TNT

6000 kg

Clearance distance of 3 m

blast shields

2,5 PSI free field pressure

Weight of one part max 40 kg

Safe corridor

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