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At The Blast Engineers™, we develop and manufacture products that provide safety in high-explosion-risk environments. We are pleased to share our specialized knowledge with our customers.


Our blast engineers also validate designs for other industries prone to explosions. Think, for example, of the risk of a dust explosion or flammable vapors that can ignite. Industries we work with include the wood processing industry, paint manufacturers, the concrete industry and many more.


In our software, we simulate an explosion and assess how the structure or machine responds. We provide recommendations or take responsibility for the entire mechanical design.

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Welcome to our blast engineering services, where safety and quality are our top priorities. Our innovative approach to blast-resistant construction ensures maximum protection in hazardous environments.


At The Blast Engineers™, we take pride in our quality design, which is based on a unique modular construction method. Our structures have undergone rigorous assessment in accordance with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publication Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities, 2nd Edition. This ensures that our designs meet industry-leading standards for blast resistance.


We are pleased to announce that our structural design has been proven to meet a Medium Response category when subjected to free-field pressure loading. This validation underscores our commitment to providing robust and reliable solutions for our clients.


Whether you're in need of blast-resistant buildings, storage containers, or other protective structures, you can trust The Blast Engineers™, to deliver unparalleled expertise and quality craftsmanship. Contact us today to learn more about how we can safeguard your assets and personnel in high-risk environments.

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Our civil engineers works on various aspects of infrastructure, such as designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining various structures and systems that are essential for blast resistant modules. The scope of steps we take care of are:


Research and Planning:
We study the project's needs and conducting thorough research on the local environment, regulations, environmental considerations, and other relevant factors. Based on this, a plan is developed for the Blast project.



Our engineers creates detailed designs and calculations, using advanced software and technical knowledge to optimize structures and systems for safety, efficiency, and sustainability to install on site a blast resistant module.



During the construction phase, our engineers can lead the project team and works closely with contractors and other professionals to ensure that the project progresses according to plan.


Inspection and Maintenance:

Upon completion of the project, The Blast Engineers™, can conduct regular inspections to ensure that the structure or system functions properly and meets required standards. Maintenance and repair work is carried out as needed to prolong the project's lifespan.



Our mechanical engineers plays a crucial role in the design and development of blast-resistant modules.


The Blast Engineers in this field leverage their expertise to create robust structures that can withstand high-pressure blasts while ensuring functionality and safety.


From selecting durable materials to optimizing structural integrity, mechanical engineers ensure that blast-resistant modules meet stringent standards for protection in hazardous environments.


Our specialist knowledge contributions are essential in safeguarding lives and property against the destructive forces of explosions.

numerical simulation


Independent on our products we can offer our services in the field of structural and blast numerical simulation.

Our engineers can provide calculations like: structural report, blast and dynamic report, PI curves calculations, blast wave propagation


Our products are here to help on every front. With fully customizable blast-resistant buildings to suit your unique work, environment and needs.

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